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Positive Motivation

$200.00 per 2 months

This class is a great introduction for any dog owner, and is guaranteed to give you a lot of “light bulb” moments. You are about to learn more about your dog than you ever thought possible!



The main concepts taught in this class:

  • You will learn how your dog thinks and how they learn.
  • You will learn how to motivate your dog to do what you want them to do, and how to capture the right behavior before they exhibit behaviors that you don’t want them to give.
  • You will learn how to discover what “paycheck” your dog wants to receive to get them to work for you.
  • You will learn the basics of the 3 D’s: Duration Distance Distraction You will learn how powerful the concept of 1.3 seconds is to train your dog correctly
  • …and so much more

About Dog eLearning

We started training dogs for owners in 2007, and quickly realized that training dogs was easy. What owners needed was a better way to learn how to train their dogs. This platform is the realization of the dream to teach owners to see the world through their dog's eyes, and to give them the tools they need to train their dogs We are proud to present our dog training platform, Dog eLearning!

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