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Board and Train Online Dog TrainingBoard and Train Course

Your Dog Training

We teach you while your dog trains at our facility. Learn how your dog thinks and sees the world, and how to use that to motivate them.

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Dog Fence IconDog Fences 


 Learn how to train your dog to stay inside a radio dog fence. Set a clear boundary for them, while you also keep them safe and happy.

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Puppy Training OnlinePuppy Training

Start Training Early

Your puppy wants you to learn how to communicate with them. Learn how to train them the right way, and you can get them started right now.

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Positive Motivation Dog Training OnlinePositive Motivation Class

Purely Positive

This course will teach you how to train basic commands, and so much more. Learn how your dog thinks, how they learn, and how to shape positive behaviors.

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We started training dogs for owners in 2007, and quickly realized that training dogs was easy. What owners needed was a better way to learn how to train their dogs. This platform is the realization of the dream to teach owners to see the world through their dog's eyes, and to give them the tools they need to train their dogs We are proud to present our dog training platform, Dog eLearning!

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